Sunday, December 10, 2017
Darryl Skender

Darryl Skender is the play-by-play ‘Voice of the Comox Valley Glacier Kings”. He composes a regular GKings blog that’s a must-read. You can find it at Here’s his most recent contribution.



The Peninsula Panthers scored 3 times in a 9 1/2 minute span in the 2nd period to beat the Comox Valley Glacier Kings 3-2 on Saturday. The Glacier Kings took a 1-0 lead into the first intermission on an unassisted goal by Jory Swanson. But the Panthers would get markers from Gavin Yee, Marshall Brown and Ty Hermsen in the middle frame while Jordan Neufeld potted the only Comox goal in the period on a breakaway. The goaltending was good on both sides. Bryce Schiebel just returned from the Victoria Grizzlies and stopped 17 of 19 shots for the win. Noah Giesbrecht, who was with Cowichan Valley last weekend, made 27 saves on 30 shots. Yee was the player of the game for the Panthers while Giesbrecht got the honors for the Glacier Kings.

It was a very exciting ending with Comox having 3 chances to tie it with their net empty but came up short. Full marks to Peninsula for the victory and as they jump over Kerry Park in the standings and are now just 1 point out of 3rd place. The Glacier Kings drop to 3-24-0-1 for the season which includes a 1-13-0-0 mark at home. There’s no time to rest however as they play their 3rd game in 2 1/2 days when travel to Oceanside for an afternoon affair Sunday.

Other observations:

  • Comox Valley was short-handed only once in the game. Penalties have been an issue for 2 seasons now so that was nice to see.
  • It’s always terrific to have parents come up to say hi. Finn Withey’s parents came by the booth before the game and Noah Giesbrecht’s dad said hi after the game. Both had very positive words for us which is always nice.
  • An interesting occurrence took place in the second period when Aidan Bate-Smith blocked a shot losing his glove in the process. He continued to finish his shift without the glove and then skated off. I made the comment I didn’t think he’d be allowed back on the ice until he got it back as that is part of his safety equipment. Sure enough, play continued and he was back on the ice a couple minutes later with just one glove on for about 10 or 15 seconds before retrieving it in his own end. I’m not sure if the referee just missed it or if that is allowed. Glacier King players lost their gloves 3 times in the game (just a useless stat for you).
  • There was a good write up on the Glacier Kings and coach Jordan Butcher in last Tuesday’s newspaper. I had complained to the newspaper 3 times about the lack of coverage and they finally got it. I even offered to write the stories myself. Hopefully they keep it up.
  • Dave Dueck was a saviour in the press box. I came to the arena about halfway through the pre-game warm ups as I worked late (again). I didn’t have a chance to eat and Dave brought up some ham & cheese buns. I’m guessing they were made by Marsha Webb and they were delicious. Thanks guys.
  • Will Bryant (play by play guy for Panthers) did an interview with Randall Heidt during the first intermission. He sat in the stands below us during the game doing his own play by play into his phone. After the games, he syncs it up with the video to do highlights for the Panthers goals. That’s a great idea and a dedicated young man.
  • I got Randall to come out of the second intermission talking first so I could finish chewing my bun so he put the headset on and started talking. I then put the other headset on and realized he had put mine on. It felt weird wearing his. I told him I felt naked without mine on so he quickly switched with me while saying, “Nobody wants to see that” and unfortunately he is right.
  • I was disappointed showing up late because Brad Tippett is one of my favorite coaches to interview and I didn’t even get to say hi. He is a fellow Saskatchewan guy that played for the Prince Albert Raiders (when they were in the SJHL and coached the Raiders (in the WHL) as well as the Regina Pats. He also played college and professional hockey. He said during the pre-game show with Randall that since implementing full face shields on his team that his club has taken 10 percent less penalties than the other teams which is proof that there won’t be more liberties taken because players are feeling more fearless. I think for that study to be more effective however, let’s see what happens when all teams are forced to wear them next year.

Darryl Skender