Saturday, February 18, 2017
Tom Russell

For the first time in the Nanaimo Buccaneers history, their is one Nanaimo Buccaneer receiving 2 awards from the VIJHL.

Dawson Heathcote  gives his all to every game, He Currently leads the team in points, has very few penalty minutes and proves once again that the Buccaneers quest to provide good local hockey players with a chance to play for their hometown team is paying off. He is currently the property of the Medicine Hat Tigers, and would love to play at the new Event Center we are potentially going to build in the near future.

For the 3rd time in Buc's history, the League has picked  Dawson Heathcote, as the Rookie of the Year.... and this year also the Most Sportsmanlike Player.....proving my speech (Brenda) that you can't win games in the Penalty Box.

In our 5 short years the Buc's have had 3 coaches. In our 1st Year we rocked the league, captured 1st in the North Division and won 29 games, good enough for 3rd place in the league. ......and we won "Coach Of The Year"

This year we are ahead of that years wins with 30 wins  ( and 1 game to go) We are in 2nd Place in the North Division and are closing in for 3rd overall, And again the VIJHL have voted to award the Coach Of The Year to Dan Lemmon.

Fan,s Please give a big round of applause for the winnest coach in Nanaimo Buccaneers history