Sunday, May 20, 2018
Kyle Ireland

The Vancouver Island Hockey League will be bringing back the shootout for the first time in five seasons. The last time a tie game was decided by breakaways was in the 2012-13 campaign. During that season the league witnessed 16 games go to a shootout.

I recently spoke with a number of goaltenders around the league who seem to be pretty pumped about the shootouts coming back.

“I consider myself the best in the league at shootouts. I’m looking forward to it!”

Spencer Deakin – Oceanside Generals

“I really like the idea of it coming to the league, I think everyone should do it. It’s part of the game and keeps everyone on their toes.”

Noah Giesbrecht – Comox Valley Glacier Kings

“I think it's a great idea. Ends every game with a winning and losing team which I'm a fan of. Getting back on the bus after a tie game is the exact same feeling as a loss. I'm all for ending the game in a shootout. It's fun for the fans to watch and for the players to try things they do in practice.”

Nate Reinhart – Victoria Cougars

“I'm excited to see that next season! I was never a huge fan of ending in a tie.”

Jake Sweet – Oceanside Generals

“I think the shootouts will be a lot of fun. “

Parker Swanson – Kerry Park Islanders

“I personally like shootouts and I think it will be better not to end a game in a tie. I don't think the fans like them. Also it's an exciting way to end a game.”

Chris Combiadakis – Sannich Braves

“I think it’s an exciting addition as it makes the league a little more competitive. We get to go back to a one on one show to win the game. Shootouts are a way to showcase skill and it will be nice to see some dangles next year! “

Derek Krall – Nanaimo Buccaneers

“I am very excited that the shootout will be introduced into the league next season. I think that it will be a challenge for the players and goalies and will make for an exciting finish to the game.”

Jordan Spandli – Westshore Wolves

“I'm very happy shootouts are coming back to the VIJHL. It gets the crowd off their feet and is a great way to show off the skills of players and the goalies. I think it's a very good decision! “

Blake Wood – Nanaimo Buccaneers